Marilyn Monroe

Acrylic on Wood
24 x 36 in.

Express in the Cherry Creek Mall is incorporating local artists into the new store design.

Express found these artists because a freelance art director for the store, Katie Orzeck, already had a love for the street art scene. She commented, “No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always engaged in the local art scene to find inspiration. So naturally, I was thrilled about the vision of the new Express store at Cherry Creek and the chance to leverage my passion for local art and share the work of these amazing artists with the brand and their customers.”

See article post from 303 Magazine.

What started as an “oops” turned into a happy “oops.”

Working late one night on this painting, I dropped my palette knife on my painting. After a few !&*#$@ words, I took a step back and decided to just go for it. The result was an evolution into a more abstract side of my work. 

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